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Powerful indicator with custom trading strategies designed to tell you EXACTLY where to place your trades ahead of time with EXTREMELY HIGH ACCURACY.

Works for Crypto, Forex and Stocks.

Welcome to Valhalla.

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"You gotta try it yourself to believe it. It's Powerful."


Valhalla Indicator Client

What is it?

Valhalla Indicator allows you to experience a stress free trading experience by providing you a powerful tool & proven strategies developed by team members with vast experience in algo-trading, machine learning & quantitative analysis.


You just need a FREE TradingView account to start using Valhalla.

what makes Valhalla so special?

Before Valhalla Indicator After Valhalla Indicator

Ever heard before that “indicators don’t work” or that "you shouldn’t rely on them”?

Well, it’s partially true, this is because most indicators in the market are made to "work with every asset", following the same principle and conditions for all of them.

Oh and let's not even mention that you don't even know where the next signal will appear with all of those.


We also started our trading journey using that kind of indicators.

Running to our computer after a new alert was triggered only to still "wait for confirmation" using a bunch of other indicators and missing out on potential profits.

But we got tired of it.

These are some of the reasons why we developed Valhalla.


Valhalla is Different

We went one step ahead of the rest and took the time to research & develop custom strategies for specific pairs and the current market conditions.

Valhalla knows and gives you EXACTLY the entry price of the next signal, so that you can prepare your trade ahead of time. Stress Free.

Ease of Use In Mind

All the work is done for you

Entry Price, Take-Profit & Stop-Loss Levels, Accuracy from latest signals, Strategies for capital & risk management and more.

Simply follow what Valhalla tells you & profit.

  • 1.

    Open your chart in TradingView

  • 2.

    Configure the custom specific strategy for your desired pair

  • 3.

    Start trading

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For Traders from all Levels

ZERO Skill Needed

Aren’t you tired of not having a specific trading strategy & enough time to be analyzing many different charts every single day?

Valhalla Indicator simplifies your trading with a top notch visualization of the current situation of a pair.

Who is it for?

  • Traders that don’t currently have a specific plan or strategy.

  • Traders with small or zero knowledge of technical analysis.

  • Traders that feel uncertainty when entering trades.

  • Experienced traders that want to add an additional powerful tool to their own strategy.

Accuracy at your fingertips

Statistics Panel

Get a quick overview of Valhalla's performance directly in your chart.

Visualize accuracy and use that to your advantage to trade only the best performing strategies.


LONG and SHORT signals

Our exclusive algorithm is a complex tool that will tell you EXACTLY where to place your trades ahead of time with EXTREMELY HIGH ACCURACY.

Take Profit Levels

Every Take Profit Target will be labeled for you along with it's past accuracy in the Statistics panel.

Automated Alerts

Get Alerts generated by Valhalla through Discord & Telegram.

Non repaint

Our signals do not repaint, trades start as soon as price crosses the labeled entry price.

Say good-bye to waiting for "candle close for confirmation" from other indicators.

Never Miss a Trade

Automated Alerts & Signals

No time to be opening up charts? Don’t worry.

Our Discord & Telegram Channels feature automated Signals and Alerts generated by Valhalla for our VIP members. Included in all our subscriptions.

Alerts for all markets - as well as alerts and signals for different styles of trading. From swing trading to day trading.



Trusted by traders

Here's how

Valhalla stands out

from the rest


Is it for me?

You should you have Valhalla in your arsenal if you want to:

  • Feel confident trading having a tool that will do most of the work for you.

  • Stop wasting time looking at a bunch of different charts and indicators.

  • Trade Stress Free & with a Plan.

  • Stop worrying about when the next signal will appear.

  • Never miss a trade again, get alerts via Discord & Telegram.


Start Trading with Confidence today

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7 Day Money Back Guarantee




7 Day Money Back Guarantee





7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Valhalla Indicator - Full Access

Manual - Step by step in depth video and text tutorials.

Alerts - Generated by Valhalla directly in Discord & Telegram.

Tips and Tricks - From the Team & Clients.

Premium Access in Our Community - Discord full of passionate traders from all levels willing to help you in your journey.

Personal Support - From our experienced staff.

Free Updates - Forever.

Safe & Secure Checkout

7 day money back guarantee.

No commitments. Cancel anytime with one-click in your account.


Still Not sure?

7 day free trial

We offer a 7 Day FREE Trial so that you can start trading with confidence today.

No credit card needed. No strings attached.

This is your opportunity to experience Valhalla for FREE, so you realize that it's not like everything else that you have tried before. We can almost guarantee that there will be no turning back...

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Frequently asked questions

Valhalla Indicator is based on the Tradingview platform. Our indicator will display all the info you need directly in your chart, including entry price, stop-loss, take-profit levels, strategy information and much more.

No, all you need is a free account.

Yes, you will receive alerts inside our VIP Discord & Telegram Channels.

The alerts will keep you informed about new trades happening across every single Valhalla strategy.

This will depend entirely on your budget and strategy, we will provide you details of our preferred trading strategies, risk & capital management.
Absolutely! You will be granted Premium Access inside our Discord Community.

Yes, although it is preferred if you have some experience using the trading platform that you choose to trade with, for example, Binance.

You will just need to follow our Setup Guide and you will be up and running in no time.

You can find our entire documentation in here:

Valhalla knows and gives you EXACTLY the entry price of the next signal, so that you can prepare your trade ahead of time.

Forget about running to your computer after a signal is triggered from the other indicators.

Or waiting for "candle close for confirmation" of the signal, letting you out of a potential squeeze of profits in a really short time.

Valhalla will tell you EXACTLY where to place your trade ahead of time with EXTREMELY HIGH ACCURACY

85-95% on most of our custom strategies for TP2+.
We have both options available. Automation via webhooks is supported only in our Lifetime Membership.

We have 130+ strategies, including Crypto, Forex, Stocks and Misc, for the complete list of supported pairs, please refer to our documentation:

Yes, we have a 7 Day Trial available for you to check for yourself the accuracy of our indicator, besides this, we constantly share free alerts + have a livestream running 24/7 with Valhalla Indicator on the most voted asset of the week by the community.

For more FAQ's and information, please refer to our entire Documentation here.

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